Oh, where to even begin? So much combat, so much grief, so many surprises. Zaheer witnesses the demise of P’Li (the first “OH SHIT” moment), severing his final earthly tie and allowing him to unlock flight and “Enter the Void.” The villain is pretty damn chill for a dude whose girlfriend has blown her face off, but that’s what makes him a potent foe. As a bonus, Kuvira, voiced by Zelda Williams, rescues Tonraq, which is a nice little touch. Even with poison consuming her, Korra unleashes the beast on the Red Lotus, and seeing the full extent of her powers is insane. We haven’t seen the Avatar in action for most of S3, and Venom of the Red Lotus really has her skills explode like water behind a crumbling dam, with her breaking her shackles like spaghetti, and rocketing into the sky as Hulk while Zaheer zips through the air like Superman. It’s important that women, like Suyin, Lin, and Asami, kick ass and take names, but even outside of that, it’s empowering as a person to watch Korra, at her lowest point, break free and rise to her peak. With the Avatar confined to a wheelchair, and Jinora, resembling Aang, becoming the first airbending master in generations, the latter seems primed to take over as the protagonist until Korra literally gets back on her feet. The last shot is of a tear of joy and deep pain running down Korra’s face. No longer does she have to protect the world and bring peace on her own. She has Team Avatar and followers willing to carry out her work. She finally embraces change, and the finale couldn’t have been any more perfect.
TEAM AVATAR, by Rogie Custodio. 432

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